Spooky Pluckley: Ghost-Hunting in A Night of Thrills

Spooky Pluckley: Ghost-Hunting in A Night of Thrills

Have you ever heard about Spooky Pluckley? Ever wondered what it’s like to go ghost-hunting in the creepiest town in England? Well, I did, and let me tell you, it was a wild ride that involved a graveyard, a Ouija board, and some serious ghost-hunting gadgets.

Spooky Pluckley: Haunted Graveyard Adventure

Spooky Pluckley: Ghost-Hunting in A Night of Thrills

So there I was, standing in the spookiest part of Pluckley, Kent, holding a Ouija board and a K-II electromagnetic field meter. The only thing visible in the dark St Nicholas’ graveyard was the eerie glow of crooked tombstones surrounding a centuries-old church.

My guide, Andrew Ayres from Ghost Hunter Tours, handed me the gadgets and explained that spirits emit a magnetic field, which shows up on the K-II device. The stronger the field, the more lights flash, and if it’s red, you better run!

No sooner had I got my hands on the gadgets, the orange light flashed, signaling that something was up. Maybe a ghostly warm-up before the main event?

Spooky Pluckley: Britain’s Formerly Most Haunted Village

Pluckley, in Ashford, was once in the Guinness Book of Records as ‘the most haunted village in Britain.’ Even though that title doesn’t exist anymore, the place still gives you major chills. With 12 recognized ghosts and spooky tales around every corner, it’s a ghost-hunter’s paradise.

From a highwayman’s eternal battle on Fright Corner to the Red and White ladies haunting St Nicholas’ Church, Pluckley has stories that will make your hair stand on end.

Eerie Stops in the Supernatural Triangle

Parking in the village center felt like entering the supernatural Bermuda Triangle. On one side, the 15th-century Black Horse pub denies any ghostly history. But the Swan Inn staff nearby confirmed moving glasses and disappearing cutlery.

Down Dicky Buss’s Lane, a schoolmaster’s ghost hangs around the spot where he was found hanging from a tree over a century ago. And just a stone’s throw away is St Nicholas’ Church, where the Red and White ladies are said to roam.

Guide’s Skepticism and Spooky Woods

Our guide, Mr. Ayres, surprised us all. He’s a skeptic! Even though Pluckley has a reputation for ghostly happenings, he approaches it with doubt. He even takes visitors to the Screaming Woods, dismissing the name as a Top Gear episode stunt.

But, despite his skepticism, he’s witnessed smudges and lights in photographs, strange noises, and malfunctioning equipment. Batteries go nuts in Pluckley, he says.

Unveiling the Ouija Board: Chills and Thrills

Back at the church, Mr. Ayres revealed the K-II meter and the Ouija board. He shared a spooky story from the 1960s when knocking sounds. It interrupted a vigil in the church crypt, right where we stood.

The K-II activity put our Ouija board plans on ice, as we checked phones for notifications that might affect the meter. I passed the Ouija board to Mr. Ayres—I wasn’t messing with ghost communication!

Spooky Farewell and Haunting Thoughts

As I said goodbye to the church and our guide, I couldn’t shake off the eerie feeling. Mr. Ayres insisted the legends weren’t what he focused on during tours. But as I drove away, I half-expected the drumming of hooves to surround me.

Maybe that’s why Pluckley is a magnet for ghost hunters and anyone into the supernatural. It’s thrilling, whether you believe the stories or not. As long as you’re aware of the tales, every step in Pluckley makes you wonder what ghostly encounter might be next.